About Me

I'm so happy you're here. It is my true privilege to share these photos with you. My hope is to seamlessly capture life - well lived, fun, and full of adventure.

I remember being 15, and my sister showed me Sally Mann's  "Immediate Family." I was instantly obsessed with the depth, nature, and feeling in those photos. I am on a daily basis inspired by the childhood I observed through that book. Through the eyes of a mother who was later named America's greatest photographer, and who "not once read a book on photography." Those images breathe, and it is through those images that I'm inspired to take photos.


My ideal shoot is hanging out with your family during an activity or outing and capturing your life in its real, raw setting, rather than posing.

 If you like my photos, it's because  the images you see have happened candidly. There's an essence of life that can only be captured if it's not forced and that's what I'm here to do.


My best photos happen while giggling on a swing, building a sandcastle, swerving through yellow lines in a toy car, or with sun-kissed skin gripping handlebars.

I am a mother, a wife, a cook, and a hopeless adventurer.


I am happy to work with each client to create a package that is right for you, based on your needs. Base pricing begins at $500.


Throughout the year I offer various mini sessions starting at $350 

For Newborns, Branding, Events, and most especially weddings, please reach out 

so that I can send you information based on your needs

Contact Me

Melissa Gritter

6389 Longleaf Pine Dr. Jupiter, Florida

954. 309. 3716

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